Mid Florida Material Handling Careers

Electrical Installation Manager

Salary: $59,000 per year

Hours of Employment: 40 hours per week. Monday to Friday. 9am to 5pm

Place of Employment: Mid Florida Material Handling, Inc. 9856 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32824

  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of installers and electricians modifying warehouses to include Mezzanines and/or Modular offices. 
  • Recruit installers and electricians; Plan and establish work schedules and assignments to meet company's goals. 
  • Train and subsequently supervise new and existing employees in installing both modular and standard electrical systems, assembly of outlets, lighting controls and building management systems, and electrical safety procedures.
  • Train and subsequently supervise new and existing employees in the installation of both powered and gravity conveyors in overhead and confined spaces, the installation of Programmable Logic Controllers, Electric/Pneumatic Gates, Mergers, Sorting Tables and Infrared Sensors.
  • Train and subsequently supervise new and existing employees in the installation of Ex rated wiring including Mineral Insulated Copper Cable and Steel Wired Armored Copper Cable For Ex Machinery And Vibratory Installations. 
  • Preplan Modular Office and Mezzanine Electrical systems.
  • Calculate labor and product requirements, installation specifications & repair diagnosis based on customer requests.
  • Revise and update as-built drawings and record documents to reflect all current designs and installed work. 
  • Inspect materials, products & equipment to detect defects or malfunctions. 
  • Oversee the disassembly and reconstruction of modular offices with new configurations on-site.
  • Draft policy & procedure manuals for modular wiring for offices, building management systems installation, powered and gravity conveyor installation and Ex Rated wiring installation. 
  • Interpret specifications, job orders, and company policies and procedures for workers.
  • Maintain time, installation, repair and cost records, and prepare management reports of installation and repair results. 
  • Ensure that installers and electricians conform to industry and corporate standards.

Minimum Requirements:

Applicant must have a minimum of 2 years experiance in job offered or related field and a state of Florida Registered Electrical Contractor License;

Submit resume/c.v. to: Paul Sutherland, President, Mid Florida Material Handling, Inc., 9856 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando, Fl 32824